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Below is a list of speakers and topics at past Irish History Round Table meetings.

Sep 2009 -- John Droney, Glastonbury Irish Home Society, Annals of the Kingdom: The Four Masters of Ireland

Aug 2009 -- Tom Flemming, author, TV commentator for documentaries,Irish American Chronicles

Jul 2009 -- Rita Huges, IRHT, Irish Stories for a Summerís Eve

Jun 2009 -- Hon. George Waldron, CIAHS, History of Mayo

May 2009 -- Margaret Belinda Higgins, IHRT, South Pole by Way of Dingle

Apr 2009 -- Memorial for John Boyle

Mar 2009 -- John Tully, History Dept, Central Connecticut State Universtiy, Irelandís Minority Role in EU

Feb 2009 -- Lt. William Barone, New Haven Police Emerald Society: Its History

Jan 2009 -- Meredith MacMillian, Scholarship Recipient Quinnipiac Universityís Early Start Program in Ireland

Nov 2008 -- Sheri Mortimer, Wesleyan University - "Remembering Tommy Machem"

Oct 2008 -- John Boyle, IHRT founder - "Update on the Catalpa"

Sep 2008 -- Bob Larkin, CWRT - "Irish Soldiers' Stories PC and Otherwise"

Aug 2008 -- Bob Larkin and George Waldron - "Updates of Future Projects"

Aug 2005 -- Tom Fleming, author of "Mysteries of My Father" - "Mysteries of My Father Growing Up Irish-American."

Jul 2005 -- Claire Callan, Wesleyan University Master's candidate - "Patterns of Irish Women's Immigration during the 20th Century."

Jun 2005 -- Hugh Davis, SCSU, History Dept. - "When the Irish Became White."

May 2005 -- Sheila Garvey, SCSU, Theater Dept. - "O'Neill's 'Touch of a Poet': the Most Irish of his Plays."

Apr 2005 -- Terry Remelka, "Ross Island's Prehistoric Copper Mines."

Mar 2005 -- Neil Hogan and Mary McMahon, "Palatines in Ireland: Ireland's German Roots"

Feb 2005 -- Pat Heslin, IHRT, "History of the Garda"

Jan 2005 -- Bill and George Waldron, "The Ceide fields of County Mayo"

Dec 2004 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 2004 -- Michael White, author, Reviewed his book, "Garden of Martyrs"

Oct 2004 -- June Dunn, SCSU, "Edna O'Brien: Dark Corners of Ireland"

Sep 2004 -- Bernard Crowley, researcher/historian -- "James O'Rourke: National League Legend"

Aug 2004 -- Round Table members, "A Shanachie by the Sea"

Jul 2004 -- Frank O'Day, Past Pres., IHRT -- "Irish in Barbados"

Jun 2004 -- Aiden Moran, photographer -- "Photographic Humor in Ireland"

May 2004 -- Dr. Michael Ryan, SCSU -- Irish Immigration Occupations, 1850-1899

Apr 2004 -- Jim Sheehan, sculptor --"Irish Figureheads"

Mar 2004 -- Dr. Marie Selvaggio, SCSU -- "Treasures of Prehistoric Irish Tombs"

Feb 2004 -- Dr. Tom Duffy, Yale-New Haven Hospital, "The Celtic Gene: Irish Health"

Jan 2004 -- Dr. Maurice Rose, Fairfield Univ., "From Kells to Castles:Irish Medieval Art (slides)"

Dec 2003 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 2003 -- Peter McManus, "Business Entrepreneurship: Cultural Differences in Ireland"

Oct 2003 -- Rep. Pat Dillon, "Colonial Agrarianism: Role of the Irish"

Sep 2003 -- Dr. Anne O'Byrne, Hofstra University, "Monuments of the Famine in Ireland"

Aug 2003 -- C. Starr/Neil Hogan, "Dramatic Readings of Civil War Letters: Irish voices."

Jul 2003 -- Pat Dillon, "American Agrarians:Role of the Irish."

Jun 2003 -- Rita Hughes, Took-a-Look Tellers, "Irish Storytellers: Wit, Imagination, and Oral History."

May 2003 -- Dr. June Dunn, Women's Studies, SCSU, "Irish Women Writers of the 1930s"

Apr 2003 -- Maureen Delahunt, IHRT, "This Cold Country: Class Relations in Ireland"

Mar 2003 -- Austin Harbinson, IHRT, "Plantations in Ireland: Success and Failure"

Feb 2003 -- Dr. James Rhodes, English Dept, SCSU, "Joyce and Irish Politics"

Jan 2003 -- Gary Mullaney, Director, Connecticut Valley Hospital, "The Lost Irish"

Dec 2002 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 2002 -- Rita King, IHRT, "Irish Influences in Iceland."

Oct 2002 -- Dr. John Purmont, History Dept. SCSU, "19th Century Anti-Irish Bias in Connecticut"

Sep 2002 -- Sen. Martin Looney, "Urban Planning and Related Issues: Ireland vs. the USA"

Aug 2002 -- "Irish Trivia Night"

Jul 2002 -- Dr. Joseph Bernard, UB, "Rev.Abram Ryan, Poet Laureate of the Confederacy"

Jun 2002 -- Frank O'Day, "Hibernians in South Carolina"

May 2002 -- Cameron Staples, Education Committee, State Department of Education, "The Irish Famine in the Connecticut Curriculum"

Apr 2002 -- Larry Sowinsky, Director, Knights of Columbus Museum, "Fr. McGivney and the Knights of Columbus"

Mar 2002 -- Bert Hootsman, IW Club, "The Irish Wolfhound: Irish Icon"

Feb 2002 -- Joe O'Leary and the Curlews, "Historical Songs of Ireland"

Jan 2002 -- Mary Ann Matthews, Yale University, "Tangled Roots: Irish and African Heritage in the US"

Dec 2001 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 2001 -- Rita King/Sean Canning, "Interviews with Father Desmond Wilson in Northern Ireland"

Oct 2001 -- Keith Wilder, University of Edinburgh, "The Scots: Celtic Kin or Ulster's Sin?"

Sep 2001 -- C.J. May, Celtic Learning Project, "Teaching about the Celtic Iron Age"

Aug 2001 -- Megan Sullivan, Asst.Prof. Humanities/Rhetoric, BU, "Feminism in Northern Ireland"

Jul 2001 -- Patrick Dilger, "Clareman Down Under"

Jun 2001 -- Pat Heslin, "Guns and Chiffon: Women of 1916"

May 2001 -- Michael Farrell, "Molly Maguires: A Reflection of Social Unrest"

Apr 2001 -- Neil Hogan, "Footsteps Across Connecticut: Places With Irish Connections"

Mar 2001 -- 30th Anniversary Meeting

Feb 2001 -- David Walsh, "The New Economy of Ireland"

Jan 2001 -- Michael Collins, "Entertainers and the Irish Connection"

Dec 2000 -- John J. Boyle, "IHRT, a 30 Year Club" Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 2000 -- Megan Sullivan, "Feminism in Northern Ireland"

Oct 2000 -- Dr.Tom Duffy, "The Oral Tradition of Bards and Physicians"

Sep 2000 -- Dr. Leo Cooney, "Irish in Boston"

Aug 2000 -- Thomas J. Martin, "Irish Heritage of Leif Eriksson,Gudrid,and and her husband, Thorfinn"

Jul 2000 --

Jun 2000 -- Dr. Michael Ryan, SCSU, "Colonization of Ireland"

Accounts of some earlier meetings.

May 2000 -- The New Haven Gaelic Players, "Dramatic Readings: Inner Life of the Celt"

Apr 2000 -- Dr. James Mullan, "The Changing Course of Irish-American Literature"

Mar 2000 -- John J. Boyle, IHRT "The Catalpa Expedition"

Feb 2000 -- Dr. Bruce Masters - Chairman History Department, Wesleyan University "Humphrey O'Sullivan and 19th Century Irish Language: the Last Hurrah"

Jan 2000 -- Dr. Don Greenburg - Political Science Dept, Fairfield University "Irish versus Jewish Immigration to the USA"

Dec 1999 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 1999 -- Barbara Hayden, "Rowdy,Notorious Irish Women"

Oct 1999 -- Dr. Charles Mullaney, "Update on Irish Peace Efforts"

Sep 1999 -- Robert Berthelson, "Mathew Brady"

Aug 1999 -- Tom Morrissey, "The Relationship Between Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith"

Jul 1999 -- John O'Donovan and Pat Hosey, "50 Years of the New Haven Gaelic Football and Hurling Club: A Portrait of Modern Irish Immigrants"

Jun 1999 -- "A Commemoration of Easter Week 1916"

May 1999 -- Dr. Marion White, "The Irish Storyteller Tradition"

Apr 1999 -- Ken Powers, "The Fighting 69th"

Mar 1999 -- Vance Tiede, "Archaeo-Astronomy in Pre-Medieval Ireland and the New England Connection."

Feb 1999 -- Dr. Michael Ryan, IHRT "Patterns of Immigration in the United States"

Jan 1999 -- Neil Hogan, "The Cry of the Famishing"

Dec 1998 -- Pat Heslin, IHRT "Irish Christmas Customs"

Nov 1998 -- Dr. Anne McElroy, "The 1798 Rebellion"

Oct 1998 -- Sister Mary Daly, RSM, "The Rebirth of Celtic Spirituality"

Sep 1998 -- Dr. Pat Dargan, "The Architecture and Development of the Irish Village"

Aug 1998 -- Gerald Gillespie, "Backgrounds of Early Celtic Holidays"

Jul 1998 -- Thomas O'Neil, "The Kennedys, A Typical Irish-American Family"

Jun 1998 -- Dr. Jay Halpern, "Ulysses, Joyce, and Cinema"

May 1998 -- Dr. John Lahey, "The Irish Famine" and "The Peace Talks"

Apr 1998 -- Annual Poetry Night

Mar 1998 -- Dr. Dennis Prebensen, "Irish Peace Talks"

Feb 1998 -- "Riverdance" and "A History of Ireland"

Jan 1998 -- Maureen Delahunt, IHRT, "History and Traditions of Christmas in Ireland"

Dec 1997 -- Annual Christmas Dinner

Nov 1997 -- Joanne Gagnon, "The Renaissance of Celtic Music"

Oct 1997 -- Dr. Michael McDonnell, "Brinsley MacNamara"

Sep 1997 -- "Henry James and the James family"

Aug 1997 -- Dr. Maureen Murphy, "Hope from the Ocean"

Nov 1996 -- Dr. Patrick Dargan, "The Development of Settlement Forms in Celtic Ireland"

Sep 1996 -- Thomas J. Martin, "Viking Ireland"

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